• Admissions & Enrollment

    Achieve Community Charter School is a free public charter school, open to all Newark residents. Families can apply to Achieve Community Charter School by completing our interest form here. Enroll now!

    Please note the application for the 2023-34 school year will open December 1, 2022.  Achieve Community Charter School is no longer affiliated with Newark Enrolls.  Please reach out to Denise Rodriguez, Director of Family and Community Engagement at drodriguez@brickeducation.org for support.

  • Take a Peek at Our Achievers!

Apply today at https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/8b5a5100c3624f16879e8f9b52b4b45f

  • It Takes a Village!

    Achieve Community Charter School Offers:

    • Teachers who look like you - Our schools are minority-led where over 75% of our staff are people of color.
    • Curriculum that challenges you - Achieve Community Charter School ranked #1 in Students Growth Percentile for all NJ charter schools.
    • A village that cares about you - Families are provided with a range of social services through BRICK Education Network’s South Ward Promise Neighborhood to ensure a safe and stable home environment for our scholars.
  • Upcoming Open Houses

    Join us for one of our upcoming open houses. Dates coming soon.

  • Enrollment Process


  • Admissions

  • Eligibility: Achieve Community Charter School is open to all Newark residents. We do accept applications for non-Newark residents, however, preference will be given to Newark residents in the lottery.

  • FAQs

  • What are the next steps after I complete my application?

  • Will my student receive their first choice?

  • Can my scholar be matched to a school that isn’t listed on his/her application?

  • I would like my scholars to attend the same school as their siblings. What should I do?

  • How can I contact the ‘Newark Enrolls’ team?